# Tutorials

# Complete Tutorials

These tutorials explain how to use Kivy (especially with Ninja-IDE) to program applications for console, windows, 2D graphics, and introductory 3D graphics. Geany or one of the editors below are recommended now, since Ninja-IDE doesn't seem to be maintained.

The tutorials were written for formal training (9 lessons per quarter), so the instructions say to save to H: or T:\ (if you are at a school teaching this course). If you are learning at home like most people, instead save to whatever folder you would like to use as your Kivy projects folder (if using PyCharm or LiClipse, make a different folder for each project), and instead of getting example files from Resources (R: if you are at a school teaching this course) just get the example files from wherever you saved the files from the link below (non-tutorial data files may be found at expertmultimedia.com/resources (opens new window) (if not, please notify me of anything the tutorials request that is missing). Though these instructions say to use Geany (which requires the least configuration), you could use PyCharm for better autocomplete (avoid Ninja-IDE 2.3 which as code-eating bugs and autotypes too many quotes often), or you can also use LiClipse if configured for Kivy such as by using the instructions on this page.