# Python 3 Introduction

I recommend Python 3 due to a unified way of doing multithreading and other reasons (opens new window). that can be used to develop mobile applications with directmedia (highly-optimized graphics and sound) using Kivy.

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# Why Kivy?

Kivy has GUI, 2D Graphics, and 3D Graphics all in one framework. The fact that all of these features are available and that Kivy is released under a public license is an amazing achievement. The future of Kivy looks bright, and due to the public license, anyone can pick up where the original developers left off (though they seem to be developing Kivy quite actively for several years now even after cross platform including mobile release). This guide provides helpful examples for even beginners to use Kivy. I have used and improved this system for years and have helped many beginners create applications and games.

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