# Setting up Geany for Pygame (Python 3)

# Automated Setup

# Manual Setup (optional)

I don't recommend this method since it changes your default Geany installation to use an older version of python, but you can easily change the Execute string to something else to undo this but still keep Python indentation:

  • Download python 3.2 from python.org/ftp/python/3.2.5/python-3.2.5.msi (opens new window) (must be 3.2 for pygame to work) and install (during install, choose install for All Users)
  • Download Pygame 1.9.2 py3.2 (make sure you get python 3.2 version) from pygame.org/ftp/pygame-1.9.2a0.win32-py3.2.msi (opens new window) and install
  • Download Geany from the "File" column in the "Windows" row on geany.org/download/releases/ (opens new window) such as 1.37 (opens new window) and install it.
  • In Geany, change options for python: open a python file or save the untitled file to untitled.py (in order to be able to change py file settings), then click Edit, Preferences
    • Click the "Editor" side tab., then click the "Indentation" tab.
    • For Type choose "Spaces"
    • Make sure tab width is set to 4 spaces.
    • Make sure "Tab key indents" is unchecked.
    • For your benefit, in the "Display" side tab you can check "Show indentation guides"
    • On "Files" side tab, make sure "Replace tabs by space" is checked
    • OK
  • To use the new settings for the current file, Click "Project," "Apply Default Indentation"