# Python 2 Programming Tutorials

# Complete Tutorials (console, wxPython, and Panda3D):

The tutorials were written for formal training (9 lessons per quarter), so the instructions say to save to H: or T:\username. If you are learning at home like most people, instead save to whatever folder you would like to use as your kivy projects folder, and instead of getting example files from Resources (drive R: if you are at a school teaching this course) just get the example files from wherever you saved the files from the download link below.

Download (opens new window) Tutorials

# One-on-One Tutoring

Contact Us (opens new window) for personal tutoring (per-hour basis at same rate as Expert Multimedia computer service).

# Other Helpful Python Websites

pygame.org (opens new window) (The official Pygame website): Pygame games and game news site. Games include sourcecode, & are written using pygame, often also incorporate other python multimedia libraries.

pyweek.org (opens new window) ("Python Game Programming Challenge"): Issues game-programming challenges based on theme (e.g. Pyweek 14: "Mad Science" -- 2012/05/06-2012/05/13), picks winners, & features the winners and their programs on the Pyweek website, archiving past winners as well.