# Installing Panda3D

Pirates of the Caribbean Online (opens new window) was written completely in Python, using the free 3D engine Panda3D (opens new window)!

# (Python 2 only)

  • Make sure you have completed the instructions for "Installing Python 2".
  • Get Panda3D (opens new window) (Panda3D SDK for Developers, end-user runtime is for you and your end-users to be able to run your program) from panda3d.org which is a free, open-source, modern 3D graphics engine. It is capable of automatically creating commercial-quality shaders via python code. Panda3D was written by Disney, and then released it as open source in order to help them work with universities. Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center® does the bulk of the engine's documentation (opens new window) and also helps improve and maintain Panda3D. Panda3D is used for several commercial games including Pirates of the Caribbean Online® and games by indie developers such as Autumn Moon Entertainment®. Panda 3D includes graphics, audio, input, collision detection, and other features relevant to 3D games.

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